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6 October 2018

How I Have Been Successful Investing In AIM Shares

First and foremost, you need to understand if you are an investor or a trader. I am an investor looking to achieve a significant return over years so if you see yourself as a short-term trader this article is most likely not for you!

26 September 2018

AIM Shares - My Mistakes

I have spent the last few months trying to refine my decision-making process learning from what I have done well and then also not so well. I wanted to share my mistakes in the hope that other investors can try to avoid the simple mistakes that can easily be made.

21 September 2018

Great Western Mining (GWMO) - Half Year Results

Today saw Great Western Mining release it’s half year numbers. I am very pleased to be a significant shareholder in this company and hope that after what has been a challenging two months it will draw a line in the sand and allow the market to look at the future prospects.

13 September 2018

AIM Resource Shares I Am Considering

Like most investors I keep an eye on many shares that I don’t currently hold using an online platform. Currently my watchlist has around 50 mostly AIM stocks. It enables me to easily scan the current price, along with any recent news.

3 September 2018

Great Western Mining (GWMO) - September Outlook

It’s no secret that the last few months have been difficult for GWMO shareholders. As the largest shareholder I have had numerous messages from other people, some supportive and some less so. A few of the messages have been a little upsetting and reconfirmed my view that money really does bring out the worst in people.

29 August 2018

AIM Shares: Should You Invest More In The Promoted Side Of The Market?

When I look at AIM companies I always look at their approach to investor relations but more specifically at how "promoted" their stock is. My view is that a promoted stock can take many different guises and this article discusses several, but I am sure that there are many other aspects that I have not covered.

23 August 2018

Best Execution On AIM

Understanding how AIM works with regards to trade execution is something that is often overlooked by private investors. To be a successful investor it needs to be considered and this article discusses some of the considerations.

15 August 2018

Short Term Trading AIM

All investors have their own objectives and an investors time-frame for these objectives will also vary. There are many markets where people do extremely well with short term trading, for example in currency speculation, or in more recent times with crypto currencies.

12 August 2018

AIM Share Dealing - What Is The RSP

Just under 10 years ago I left a job that I had done for around 10 years that I often describe to people as a very well-paid apprenticeship. I was the Head of Online at Hargreaves Lansdown and my role was varied. An aspect of the role was how clients engaged with the online trading system and since becoming a full time AIM investor I thought it would be useful to talk about how online trading works.

8 August 2018

Great Western Mining (GWMO) RNS M2 ST Update

Today Great Western Mining released the initial assays from the highly anticipated M2 ST drill. Shareholders have been waiting on these assays for several months and we have seen several positive RNS updates from the company since the placing in early July which was criticised by some including myself.

1 August 2018

AIM Market Makers, Short Selling and Placings

There was talk on Twitter yesterday about Matt Lofgran, Chief Executive Officer of Nostra Terra (NTOG), speaking during an interview about a market maker contacting the company, hoping to acquire stock in a discounted placing, allowing them to balance their books against a short position.

27 July 2018

Stock Watch - Europa Metals (EUZ)

Europa Metals, the Spanish lead and zinc exploration micro-cap, was previous known as Ferrum Crescent. I first came across the company in March 2018 when they raised £1,000,000 prior to the name change. A recent small placing announced on 27th July 2018 enabled me to secure my first holding of EUZ shares and I plan to add to this holding over the coming months.

26 July 2018

AIM Placings Explained

AIM placings get a lot of stick from private investors and often rightly so. However, if you are investing in a pre-revenue company clearly the funds required by the company to exist and develop the potential need to be invested by someone.

22 July 2018

Stock Watch - Great Western Mining (GWMO)

Exploration companies are always a challenging investment and particularly where they operate in less accessible areas, delays can be frustrating, however GWMO is one of the only AIM companies that I know of that could have a major world class find and is also operating in a secure geographical area with pretty much zero sovereign risk. To me the risk versus reward potential made the argument compelling.

22 July 2018

AIM Investing: What I Look For

Last time I looked there were over 2,000 companies listed on AIM. My AIM portfolio currently contains just 6 different companies with only 1 of these being added in the last complete quarter (April to June 2018).